What is White Noise with Terri White?

I’m so pleased you asked! If you know me: hi, I’ve missed you. If you don’t: nice to meet you. I’m Terri White: a writer, author, screenwriter and broadcaster, originally from the Midlands and - after many years living in London and New York - now a resident of Manchester (up the north!).

I worked in magazines for 21 years and was most recently the Editor-in-Chief of EMPIRE for six years, leaving the World’s Greatest Job last September. I still love to watch - and to write and talk about film and TV, usually through a social and political lens. I’m trying to shout less.

From now on, you will be able to read all of my writing on film and TV only on my Substack: White Noise with Terri White. There’ll also be a podcast down the road and lots of other ways for us to chat, debate, cry and love the big and small screen together. I’m excited. I hope you are too!

So why subscribe?

Well, firstly I’d love you forever. And love is the best thing we’ve got. But secondly, you won’t have to worry about missing any of my words. Every new edition of White Noise with Terri White will be delivered straight into your inbox. Thirdly, I really want you in the gang. It could be great. Really great.

Er, why pay?

Well, those who know me know that I passionately believe in paying for journalism and writing. Not only because of my working-class background, but because I think we, as writers, are worth it.

All that said, I know times are tough right now, so I will keep quite a lot of stuff free. I will do special newsletters, watchlists, AMAs and (fingers crossed!) events for paying subscribers. And I’m always up for hearing what you’d fancy getting for your cash.

Everything will be free for the first month, while we get to know each other. But you can pay to subscribe at any time.

If you’re feeling generous, you can even gift or donate a subscription to someone else. Aren’t you lovely.

Right, now on with the good stuff!

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I like to watch


Writer, author and screenwriter. I used to edit EMPIRE magazine. I still like to watch